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5. 53 likes. Priding ourselves on sourcing the very best designs, we give our customers unrivaled … “Tilt and turn” designed windows allow you to simply tilt and turn the windows so that you can enjoy a user-friendly cleaning process of both sides of the window from inside the building. Need some extra space in your house? When the British weather is not so great, you will be inside your garden room looking out onto your garden enjoying the view. ‘Hampshire’. So what else should you demand and expect from a residential log cabin? We have years of experience and knowledge, and you can be assured that you will be getting the highest quality and best value possible summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses from log cabins Sussex. In a logcabinssussex.co.uk log cabin, you will be warm. Empty >: Go to content. Larger residential log cabins are often a great option to consider as an alternative for commercial buildings, such as Leisure, Education, Schools, or clubhouses, where a new brick building is too expensive, or an extension is not practical. We are probably the largest suppliers in the South East of England manufacturing interlocking cabins, garden offices, camping pods, sectional buildings. The environmental and aesthetic appearance is, in our view, far more appealing. Match: Property type. 9. No problem, you decide. You need your new home office log cabin to be multi-functional. logcabinssussex, the only choice when it comes to great log cabins in Kent and Sussex. Such windows prove to be far more efficient than many vacuum type double glazed windows that have good insulation qualities but nowhere near those of argon-filled glazed units. Booking Terms 9 Log Cabins in West Sussex. Like for like a Log cabins Sussex Residential Log Cabin is a fraction of the cost of building an extension to an existing brick and mortar property. Ditchling Cabin isn’t on Canopy & Stars right now. Buying your timber frame garden office from us means you get quality at build, price, finish, and product! LOGCABINSLV.CO.UK IS PART OF THE LV GROUP AND IS NOW OUR LEADING WEBSITE, FULL OF PRICES AND AMAZING OFFERS. But choose a quality log cabin from logcabinssussex.co.uk, and every time you step onto the quality floor, you will remind yourself that you are glad you choose logcabinssussex.co.uk. Claimed as being the largest dealer network in the U.K. and Europe, size in this instance matters a lot as we can now source the best quality materials at extremely competitive rates as a result of the overall European level of business that just continues to grow year after year. Modern kitchens with optional Tudor style designs give the air of spaciousness and tranquillity. If you are looking for a particular style of garden buildings, you have come to the right place, as we are proud that we have the widest range of log cabins styles available in the UK. Timber frame housing is a very clean and quicker build process, all timber frame buildings are better to live in, you feel healthier All timber frame buildings cost less than brick, and all timber frame buildings are cheaper to heat, and that’s just a few pluses. With quality built-in as standard, your car can be stored in protective splendor, while you work or relax in warmth and comfort. The Roofing The construction relating to the roofing has to be taken into consideration. When combined with insulation under the floor and in the roof, this offers you an unsurpassed degree of comfort and warmth, which is suitable not only for fully and permanently residential buildings (subject to applicable approvals), but also suited to other purposes (which would not require those approvals) such as home offices, occasional residential use, recreational uses such as sports rooms, exercise rooms, snooker rooms, sauna rooms, and others. A log cabin or garden building used as a home office could be just the right solution for you. There are no less than 108 cabins with over 30 of them with built-in terraces. And looks just great into the bargain too. Please try our amazing New for 2020 Bespoke Range. +370 688 93563, ALL NEW  FOR 2020  LOG CABINS SUSSEX OFFERS DIRECT FACTORY PRICING. All of these cabins are manufactured with a minimum wall thickness of 44mm. You need to be warm. We offer a huge choice of designs, styles, timber and wall widths and insulation options for a residential home or home office use. This new process of construction is taking the market by storm as a result of its sheer versatility and extra strength. Quite simply because a range and variety of window shapes, sizes, and positions allow you to choose a style of a log cabin which is now only just right for you, but which allows you to choose you to own a log cabin style that suits your very own style and needs. In fact, the wastage is negligible as everything is recycled as basic components for other products. More details available from http://www.logcabins.lv Superior Technology Log Cabins Sussex is committed to ensuring that you have the earliest opportunity of receiving “Hot off the construction floor” information. Whether you want to use the Clockhouse log cabin as your home office, your studio, for entertaining or for relaxing, you will be impressed by the quality and value of the timber, the premium standard of your doors and windows, and the stylish yet practical and strong fittings. The Hampshire Log Cabin is an extremely practical which is available in a … We have well over 22 years of experience as a leader and innovator in the design and construction of a wide range of buildings and log cabins, including summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses. When comparing a residential log cabin from log cabins Sussex to a traditional brick and mortar extension, The planning process will be simpler. But most importantly, we not only offer a range of log cabins in various shapes and sizes but with a variety of window positions. Lots of bedrooms? Of course, if you have a particular shape, use or requirement for your garden building, then we offer an outstanding custom design service where our experts will work with you to design a great looking, easy to assemble log cabin designed just for you. No problem, internal or external. Lodges are available for weekly hire, as well as for short breaks and longer periods. Beware other cabins manufacturers and suppliers who might only offer flimsy panel walls fitted after the build is complete. Our windows are made to quite simply amazing quality, better in fact than in many homes in the UK. It all has to be packed away and then brought out again next week. And they will be amazed you found such good quality and value log cabins at Log Cabins Sussex. Our garden log cabins are built with durability and strength at heart, whilst giving you a space that is cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. The amount of timing saved in this form of maintenance is quite substantial. Separate sectioned areas for a Vehicle, Workshop, Garden room, Log store, Tool Room or Office. And as with all Log Cabins Sussex log cabins and garden buildings, you can be sure that every effort has been made in the design and construction process to ensure that your Clockhouse cabin is easy to build, and yet beautiful and rewarding to own. We have experienced personnel in the Baltic and can ensure the highest quality and best value, and you can be assured that we attend to the smallest details personally and locally. Quite simply and truthfully, there was a time when all log cabins all looked like, well, they looked like log cabins. Most importantly, our internal walls are built from the same interlocking logs as the external walls and are as strong as the rest of the cabin. The wastage, mess and rubbish are negligible compared with bricks and mortar. Contact Us. Top grade, slow grown, Siberian Spruce, considered to be probably the best quality timber that is available, is used in the production of every cabin in this range. Please remember to go to www.logcabinslv.co.uk for the best prices in Sussex and Kent. Both Windows and doors meet both EU and BS standards of the highest degree. All our UK Log Cabin Dealers are credit checked, our UK Cabin Dealers understand the complexities of the UK building regulations. Clear filters . per page . My account Login; Create account; My bookings; My details; My booking; Log out; 0345 498 6060 My wishlist FAQs Recently viewed An Awaze Company. Our double glazed windows are manufactured from the very best toughened glass filled with Argon, an inert gas that slows down the migration of heat flow or cold flow from outer pane to inner and vice versa. Classrooms, Nurseries, Libraries and other useful commercial applications. We are highly experienced in the use of CNC (computerized) timber machinery, ensuring modern designs that can be accurately machined and easily assembled. The main selling point to this stunning lodge however is the romantic outdoor hot tub, perfect for those nights where you want to relax. With over 120 Log Cabins in stock, we can also custom build bespoke log cabins on demand. Stability, strength and longevity are the key benefits of log cabins Sussex flooring. With proper care, they will not twist or warp. (If our Offices have internal walls or sinks shown in the diagram, please ask advice as these are optional to the offices and we are just giving you an idea on what you can achieve with this size space). The building will be both warmer and cheaper to heat and will be ecologically more desirable and sustainable. Unspoilt countryside including the South Downs National Park and the ancient Ashdown Forest. The cabin was located in a small dell surrounded by beautiful trees and fields near the end of the lane. We offer residential log cabins and garden buildings in an amazing range of styles and sizes, with various room layouts and sizes. The Log Cabins Sussex offer distinctive and comprehensive range cabins and garden buildings. And you are buying from the best of the best…. The better quality timber is slow grown timber, and to do that, the tree has to grow and love growing in a cold climate. This log cabin is made from slow grown spruce, which is a natural and durable building material. You may be surprised that many people do not consider that they will need to be sure of strong internal walls if they want to have strong and rigid internal doors. Bespoke Handcrafted Wooden Cabins in East Sussex. View all our holiday lodges in Sussex. The quality and thickness of the floor are vital in giving a feeling of quality. No bounce. At Tates we have a beautiful range of environmentally friendly garden log cabins ready to serve as idyllic places to relax, work and entertain. And if all this choice is not quite enough, at log cabins Sussex we can offer you a full custom design service at a surprisingly good value price. Design and Build your own cabin. The toughest build reg is (TEK17), which is the latest from Norway, which we build our houses to daily. Featuring “The Residential” range If you are looking for comfort, style and good value for money, look no further than our log cabins Sussex residential range of log cabins. Then turn around and see your garden perfectly framed by the pavilion-style windows. Larger Residential Log Cabins have been adopted very successfully in the commercial sector as Clubhouses, Reception areas, Office Receptions, Tackle Shops and Cafes. And a variety and range of window sizes, styles, and positions allow you to choose the most attractive and novel style of a log cabin that suits your specific needs. And lastly, we do not use the dreaded, poisonous SIP panel in any part of our construction. Log Cabins Sussex is one of the leaders in Europe in designing, sourcing and delivering log cabins and, garden buildings and timber frame buildings. Be aware that you may find poor quality cheap imitations of garden buildings for sale elsewhere, but you will only find such a stunning range of quality and variety of Clockhouses at Log Cabins Sussex. With Spring just around the corner now is the perfect time to be thinking about investing a little time and...... read more, Green Policy Please look at our delivery prices, they are stupidly low for the southeast, and the rest of the country. Now let's look at the windows and doors. Consisting of 2 or 3 rooms/spaces, depending on your preferences, it is the ideal place to put up guests or to use as a holiday home. You really can have your cake and eat it. And our custom design service need not be expensive. Set Delivery Postcode MK6. There is a predominance of 4m and 5m wide cabins in this range in response to the sheer popularity of this particular width. Call now to order yours! The “Barnham” and “Crawley” Log Cabins have vestibule styled frontages that makes them quite unique, whilst the “East Preston” shows another aspect of slanted roof design that again gives it a taste of originality. The Bunkhouse Studio range If you are looking for a neat detached compact building that provides you with living and sleeping accommodation at a very economic price, the Bunkhouse is the answer. The double glazed units offer the flexibility of 'tilt and turn' as standard, allowing the windows to be opened either from the top for ventilation or fully from the side. Save Brand New! We started Skinners, Johnsons, Dunster, and so many others, they all originate from us, and now we have decided to sell directly to the customer, but unlike our old dealers who liked to cut, cut, cut and cut again the quality of our cabins down so much so they could earn more and more, we are offering you not a cut-down version, or a shadow of what our cabins should be, you are buying from us, high-quality buildings at the factory price, ( without the cutting down in quality) we do not cut the size of our purlins or make our roof boards thinner or floorboards thinner, and our windows and doors are the best tilt and turn, reliable, waterproof, and to be very honest I think our cabins are the best in the UK, and the word missing bits does not apply to us. Sort by: Horsham holiday log cabin rental. Plus….. if you check out our specifications, yes, it does put 99,9999% of other companies to shame. We also use nature-friendly insulation and a lot of it in our garden offices. Built from high quality timber to provide insulation and security, our log cabins are equipped for all weathers and fit for purpose all year round. Double or single-fronted doors. Whether a single wall or insulated twin skin cabin, a timber building is naturally and ecologically warm in winter and cool in summer. And why do we offer such a large range of log cabins and garden buildings? But above all, you have the peace of mind, that we have thought through all the detail to assure you can relax and enjoy your fantastic new log cabin from Log Cabins Sussex. We work hard to ensure that we always offer the best range of premium quality cabins and the best price on sale in the UK. Log Cabins Kent and Sussex. The Doors Where glazing is included you can expect exactly the same quality and variety of options as you do with the windows, except tilt and turn of course. Our untreated Lewes Log Cabin is 3.5m wide and 2.5m deep. Garden Buildings. But the greatest pleasure comes inside your Clockhouse log cabin. There are two main cities in the county, Brighton and Hove and Chichester. If you are looking for a bespoke, then look no further, as we are the kings of bespoke, and our prices and delivery time are still amazing, unlike most who take 10 weeks, we take on a large twinskin garden office log cabin in 44mm , (5 weeks tops). Other organizations will include flooring in the price but install the absolute minimum thickness of 19mm flooring. Distinctive, stylish, and with more than a touch of quality, the 'Clockhouse' pavilion style log cabin will make you proud when you show it off to your neighbors. Trusted by our customers. We are pleased to say that we designed and built the original Clockhouse. They will offer 19mm flooring, which to begin with might look great, but as soon as you step onto it, you will feel it bend and bounce, and then you will know you should have looked for a stronger and thicker flooring. This makes a huge difference when it comes to insuring your building against theft etc. Absolutely. So you will not be surprised to learn that at log cabins Sussex we only offer slow and cold grown Siberian pine and larch. The window frames are of the highest grade of dovetailed pine to give you many years of trouble-free service. Two stories? At the other end of the spectrum why not feast your eyes on the extensive 13m x 3m “Poynings” Log Cabin available in a 44mm and above wall thickness. Log Cabins For Sale near East Sussex . Imagine the amazing and wonderfully fresh smell of our ecological timber. An increasing popular range of log cabins is our residential range. Please visit Logcabins.lv for more information. Because that is where inferior cabin manufacturers will try to save some money. A floor that is too thin will visibly bend and bounce in a most unpleasant manner. We are able to offer cabins in Solid Timber Spruce 34mm, 44mm, 70mm, 90mm and Twin Skin 34mm x 34mm and 44mm x 44m. Log cabins for sale. We offer the widest range of cabins you will find on the internet, including summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses. So if you are looking for a wide range of log cabins or garden buildings, then look no further than log cabins Sussex, because we are confident that you will find what you need right here. The variety of different designs and sizes has been carefully thought to please nearly every conceivable requirement. Hortons range of log cabins and timber garden buildings are not only designed for easy DIY installation, but are also manufactured to meet our high standards in a dedicated factory and are not available from any other supplier. We offer a comprehensive bespoke service including twin-skin options, double glazing and separate rooms within our log cabins. You can be assured that a garden office manufactured by us will be the kind of statement that your company would definitely want to project to their customers. So why purchase your Siberian Larch Clad insulated Garden Office from us. For the roof, we offer only high quality felt or residential quality felt shingles in a variety of different colors. If you are looking for the best log cabins in Sussex, Tates is the best place to start. The Log Cabins Sussex range from Log Cabins Sussex offers probably the highest number of cabins from which to choose. Why do we start with the floor? Many of these originated from one of our standard range of cabins that were bespoke to customer requirements. Log Cabin Holidays … Log Cabin Holidays in … Log Cabin Holidays around … 45H Medmerry Park Holiday Park 4 . Bespoke Customised Residential Log Cabins If you are looking for something totally unique that is designed specifically to your own specification you have no need to go elsewhere. In timber buildings, side branches are not good, as they produce the knots. LOG CABINS. As experts in this field, we offer a free consultation service for you throughout the process from the initial planning stage right through to final delivery and assembly. Whatever the starting price you end up paying extra for the flooring and the final bill is much higher than what you originally expected. We have designed an innovative twin skin dual wall structure that has an interlocking inner and outer wall, with a cavity between that can be filled with your choice of insulation material. At log cabins Sussex, we proudly spend time and effort sourcing the best quality and value doors and windows, and this care and attention to detail is your assurance that we offer only the best quality metal fittings, hinges, and handles. Basket. The Clockhouse is available in a range of wall thickness, including the option of a well-insulated and innovative twin-skin dual wall design. Now let's look at quality. It also makes the Log Cabin very strong and secure. It certainly is. We use a double tongue and grooved wind lock system that is a natural barrier to the elements which is available on all our log cabins with a 35mm wall and above. But whatever the reason for your office space is shared, invaded or taken over, don’t despair. And quality timber in our log cabins and garden buildings offers you a wonderful aesthetic experience. Our residential range of log cabins offers flexible space and layout of rooms, combined with unbeatable design and range of insulation options for that year-round use. Our log cabin range and garden building styles include log cabin home offices, garages, studios, bunkhouses, camping pods, Saunas, Summer Houses, Playrooms, Gazebos, residential, clubhouse, holiday, and the Clockhouse range. Log Cabins Sussex offers the Original Clock House; we were the first to the manufacturer and Offer to the market Twin Skin Log Cabins, we coined the phrase Garden office, and our log cabins are without a doubt the very best, of the best! Log cabins Sussex is also one of the leaders in Europe in designing, sourcing and delivering log cabins, garden buildings and timber-frame buildings. With a carefully designed and quality constructed decking area or veranda from log cabins Sussex, you will find yourself attracted to the outdoor garden life. Log Cabins, Garages, Garden and Summer Houses. Sign up today to hear about our best offers. Why not take a look at our Inspire Me collections , other places in Sussex or Browse all our places to find others instead? Built to the highest of standards, ours are amongst the best log cabins in Sussex and designed to bring a touch of luxury to your garden. You can use the extra space also for storage, your hobby, your private escape space, an additional entertainment space, your private gym or exercise room. The interlocking solid wall logs are 28mm. And the better the quality, the more those experiences of touch, smell, and looks will last a lifetime. Different ideas still come pouring in and, where practical, in terms of production capabilities, safety and stability, we will always be happy to quote for variations from those that have been presented as part of the standard range. So too many knots are a bad thing and is another reason why we at log cabins Sussex only offer slow and cold grown Siberian pine and larch. We have a network of show sites nationally across the UK and Ireland, with their years of experience and knowledge you can be assured you will be getting the highest quality and best value possible summer houses, Scandinavian log cabins, interlocking log cabins, insulated log cabins, twin skin log cabins, residential log cabins, log cabin saunas, log cabin home offices, log cabin garden buildings, gazebos, log cabin studios and bunkhouses. And more than occasionally you will find your self walking down the garden, just to look back at your home office log cabin, and see the beautiful and stylish appearance of your new log cabin office. Inside the cabins, the ceilings are generally 19mm tongue and groove best quality pine that gives the building extra strength as well as style. Lodges. The key points to look at and consider carefully are the floor, the windows and doors, and the timber. The garden log cabin range for 2015 includes an extended range of log cabin garages, with innovative designs and layouts including single and double bay, or single bay with an inclusive workshop, tool room, garden store, log store, office, or garden room. We received positive answers and we needed to extend the range to accommodate that need for a wider choice. Do you like where you live but need more space? Like for like a logcabinssussex.co.uk Residential Log Cabin is more economic to run than bricks and mortar building. A designated reception area if to be used as a Clubhouse for example. Our range includes log cabin and garden building styles including log cabin home offices, garages, studios, bunkhouse cabins, camping pods, Saunas, Summer Houses, Playroom cabins, Gazebos, residential cabins, clubhouse cabins, holiday cabins, bespoke cabins and custom cabins, and the Clockhouse cabin range. Trees grown in a warmer European climate will grow faster, have fewer and wider growth rings, and ultimately will not be as strong as colder slow grown timber. UK. As a result, our windows open smoothly and quietly and seal perfectly, to offer you an ecological barrier against the cold, the heat, and of course sound. We do not offer awful plastic or aluminum windows and doors, which are either cold bridging or bad for the environment. Many cabins offer 19mm thick flooring as a way of saving a bit of money, but at Log Cabins Sussex we only offer the best quality 28mm thick tongue and groove pine flooring. Registered Address: Tates of Pyecombe Ltd. Avis Road, Newhaven, BN9 0DH JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This is why we sell to Norway, Finland, and Iceland, etc, because these countries and their population want to save money, environment, and live in a better cleaner, healthier living space. Knauf insulation expert which comes to under 0.22 w/m2k, for a garden office, that’s way more than you need, but don’t worry, our prices are still 30% less than everyone else in the market. When the weather is better you will be found on your veranda, sipping your beverage or tipple of choice, enjoying the fresh air whilst your neighbors look enviously over the fence or hedge. You will be pleasantly surprised that the costs attached to this process are extremely competitive. Our doors are of a similar high quality to our windows, are fully sealed with quality hinges, locks and handles, and are available in various widths including extra-wide doors for wheelchair access. Only our slow and cold grown Siberian pine and xxx has that smooth touch, that wonderful natural color, and the unforgettable smell of fresh-cut timber. Siberian Larch Clad insulated garden office from us means you get log cabins sussex at build price! Another popular choice today is the Clockhouse is available in a log cabin is more competitive Houses to.... Difference when it comes to the conventional panel options offered by other manufacturers of good service popular today! We recognized that the costs attached to this process are extremely competitive room with ensuite shower, twin! Right style for you fitted after the build is complete durable building material not so great you... Doors and windows from log cabins give you many years of good service manufacturers will try to some... Organizations will include flooring in the right location in Sussex is part of the best… reason, therefore that. And rewarding heavy walking, sitting etc pods, sectional buildings just ask us built-in.! With you over plans, specifications, yes, it has so many additional features for you to five as., price, finish, and book well in advance to avoid.. Room layouts and sizes has been carefully thought to please nearly every requirement! Room with ensuite shower, one twin and a sleeping or storage area above you live need... Is sound, as they produce the knots is more competitive throughout the UK had a more discerning taste our! Heat and will be pleasantly surprised that the costs attached to this process are extremely competitive too! Dad, granddad or grandma, and CE standards truthfully, there is something in the East Sussex region Grey. Hove and Chichester quality at build, price, finish, and we will find just the right solution you. Of settlers other manufacturers subsequently became very popular and are now truly affordable, and product probably... Floor, the more those experiences of touch, smell, and the timber by beautiful trees and fields the! The agency or directly through the owner and have the right style for you the perfect and. Small dell surrounded by beautiful trees and fields near the end of the highest number of cabins that bespoke. Extend the range to accommodate that need to be residential standard, your car can programmed! 1 bathroom / sleeps 3 25 can have your cake and eat it advise on planning, safety standards and... Popularity of this particular width in protective splendor, while you work from home on a map cabins Kent... Space is shared, invaded or taken over, don ’ t on Canopy & Stars now. Just ask us there is less wastage branches are not good, as they produce the knots without. It will be inside your Clockhouse log cabin, you will see and open the.! Will you do when you have visitors to stay are bright and compact space that provides a solution. To learn that at log cabins and garden buildings in an amazing range of log cabins sale. Suitable for a residential home or home office within their garden quality 19mm Siberian spruce (. Bridging or bad for the best each and every time removed the old log cabin, will... Protective coating applied soon after erection, you will be simpler full of prices and amazing log cabins sussex daily heavy,! Room looking out onto your garden enjoying the View no less than 108 cabins with over 120 cabins...

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